Young Driver?

It’s good to be young. Your whole life lies ahead of you, full of possibility. You get to experience everything with fresh eyes, free of cynicism. And your back doesn’t hurt after playing basketball.

But there is a downside: Young drivers often pay more for car insurance. It’s a matter of statistics. Younger drivers generally have more car accidents because they have less experience. As a result, they’re more expensive to insure.

Younger drivers also tend to shop around more for car insurance. Setting up and servicing new accounts costs insurers more than holding onto the same customers.

Even if you are a safe driver and loyal car insurance customer, the behavior of your peers will end up hurting you when you pay your premium. But there are ways to save on car insurance, even for younger drivers.

How can young drivers pay less for car insurance?

There is one obvious way to save: Drive safely. Insurance will become very expensive for drivers who keep crashing and filing claims. Many insurers give discounts to drivers who agree to attach devices to their cars that track their driving habits.

Young drivers should also avoid distractions like mobile devices while driving. Use apps that turn off your phone while driving. Parents should make sure new drivers get as much road time as possible while they have their learner’s permit and there’s another experienced driver in the car, before they start driving on their own.

Aside from driving safely, young drivers should make sure to pick the right car. Certain vehicles may have higher accident rates or repair costs and will be more expensive to insure. A used vehicle is usually cheaper to insure, but an ancient junker you bought for $250 will probably be an exception.

Good grades may also help. Almost every car insurer offers some kind of good student discount. These discounts are typically for high schoolers, but some companies extend the offer to college students as well.

How to shop for car insurance

It’s a good idea to shop around for quotes from multiple car insurers, even if your parents include you on their policy. Staying on your parents’ policy is often cheaper (especially if they pay for it) but not always.

When you request a quote from 2nd Chance Auto Insurance, you will recieve quotes from multpile insurance companies.

New drivers may want to look for policies that include accident forgiveness. This rider keeps premiums from rising after your first accident.

When will my premiums drop?

You may have heard that auto insurance rates drop once you hit 25. That is generally true, unless you’ve submitted a bunch of claims or you only got your license at age 24. Once you reach that age, many insurers consider you a less risky driver.

People who hit 25 also usually have more money than teens so they can buy more reliable cars.

Being a young driver can be expensive, but if you drive safely and take advantage of insurer discounts aimed at young people, you may be able to save. And if not, there’s tons of other great things about being young, just be careful when you drive.