Auto insurance premiums are always determined based on the client’s insurability risk. Someone who has a high insurability risk has to pay more for vehicle coverage. The insurability risk is influenced by several factors:

The vehicle’s value, model and manufacture year.

The client’s driving record.

The client’s age, gender and marital situation.

The client’s financial situation.

Someone is considered a high risk driver if he/she drives an expensive and unsafe vehicle, has a bad driving record, lacks experience or has a poor financial score. Any of these situations will increase coverage expenses.

The opposite of being a high risk driver is being a preferred driver. This category gets the cheapest rates and better coverage options for their vehicles. As for who is considered a prefered driver:

“Preferred Drivers are the ones who cost the company little or, preferably, no money.  Clients with 5 or more consecutive years without claims are a priority.  Plus, building a no-claim bonus with a loyalty bonus will grant a great discount”

High risk drivers should not give up on purchasing auto insurance. Driving without the minimum required vehicle insurance is illegal. High risk drivers should shop around for vehicle coverage. They can compare multiple auto insurance quotes on a single website: Second Chance Auto Insurance

Clients can find the best auto insurance prices in their areas by comparing online quotes. An auto insurance quote shows how much a plan costs and what coverage it provides.



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