Distracted Driving in Ontario – Everything You Need to Know

The law in Ontario is quite strict when it comes to enforcing regulations about driving. There are hefty fines awaiting people who do not comply with the rules and regulations. One of the increasingly common reasons why a lot of drivers are being fined in Ontario is because of distracted driving. You may feel like it is not such a big deal but the penalties for it suggest otherwise. The law takes distracted driving quite seriously. If you are looking to avoid paying the high penalties for distracted driving, it is better for you to know exactly what counts as distracted driving in Ontario. Here’s what Second Chance Auto Insurance has on distracted driving in Ontario.

What is Distracted Driving

Quite simply put, when you’re driving without paying attention to the road, it counts as distracted driving. Things tend to happen at a breakneck pace when you’re on the road and even a momentary distraction can be potentially fatal for everybody involved. While driving, if you are using your phone – be it texting, calling or checking your map – it is counted as distracted driving. You are putting yourself and others on the road at serious risk. Distracted driving even covers the aspect of eating while you drive or even typing in your destination in the GPS system. It does not matter if you are at a red light or on the highway, distracted driving is a serious risky that can cost you quite a lot.

Facts and Figures Surrounding Ontario and Distracted Driving

Since the turn of the millennium, traffic accidents caused by distracted drivers have doubled. Data from 5 years ago shows that a person is injured due to a distracted driving incident after every half hour in Ontario. The stats also show that a person who is using the phone while driving is four times as likely to crash the car as a person who is focused on the road.

Easiest Way to Avoid Penalties

The simplest and most effective way to decrease the chances of getting fined for distracted driving is to drive with your complete focus on the road. That is the most basic method. If you indeed do need to talk to someone on a call, there is this beautiful invention called the hands free. There is a reason why it is called a hands free. If you do need to use your phone or GPS for navigation, having it mounted in your view is your best bet to avoid distracted driving penalties in Ontario.

Quite simply put, if you have any hand held device in your hands while you are driving your car in Ontario, you are putting other people and yourself at risk. You will be charged a hefty fine for distracted driving and you will not like the hole it will burn in your bank account.

For more information about distracted driving and how you can avoid it, please feel free to contact us. At Second Chance Auto Insurance, we believe that driving safe is of the utmost importance. We would be more than happy to help you out in any way we can.